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Truffle connoisseurs know where to buy quality. Our store offers very exclusively four different truffles. Depending on the seasons, we offer a selection of the best truffles. We buy in the producing countries directly from the truffle seekers to keep the transport distances small and thus always offer fresh goods of the highest quality. Some truffles are only available for a few weeks of the year. In our newsletter, we inform you about new arrivals. Enjoy the unique flavours of our truffle products and refine salads, grilled meats, pasta and vegetable dishes.



Truffle as a seasonal delicacy

Since each truffle variety is harvested only over a few months, our delicacies are not available all year round. In our online store, in addition to white and black truffles, you can also buy Alba truffles and one of the most popular truffle varieties, the Perigord truffle.

Tips for buying truffles

Of course, you can order truffles in our truffle online store at any time of the day. Nevertheless, a little tip for the best freshness, which our regular customers have known for a long time: Order between Tuesday 8 am and Wednesday 12 pm and choose “UPS Express”, then you will receive the freshest truffle mushrooms latest Thursday at lunchtime. This way your feast for the weekend is guaranteed!

The correct storage of the truffles received

We deliver our fresh truffles in white styrofoam boxes with an ice accumulator directly to your home or to your desired address. When received, the truffle tubers should be immediately wrapped in absorbent paper and stored in the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator in a closed container. It is best to change the paper several times a day and check for moisture. Truffles lose their flavour after only a few days, and after 2 weeks of storage, the mushrooms lose their flavour entirely. For this reason, it is best to order very fresh truffles from us in time for your desired date and then process them quickly.

Alternatively, you can store the truffles in rice. The rice removes the excess moisture from the truffle tubers. This intensifies the aroma of the truffle, and you will incidentally get distinctive and tasty rice with a first-class truffle aroma. In addition, with this storage method, you also extend the shelf life of the truffles by up to 4 days.

Clean the truffles only shortly before preparation. Adhering soil may remain on the mushroom until processing.

When preparing, keep the following in mind:

  • White truffles or alba truffles do not tolerate heat and are shaved raw
    over the desired dish directly at the table. Store your white truffles for
    a maximum of 2 to 4 days to fully enjoy this delicacy
  • Black truffles, on the other hand, require heat to develop their full-
    bodied flavour and can be heated. Store these spicy mushrooms in
    earthenware jars, where they will retain their freshness for 1 to 2 weeks.

If you find adhering mould spores on your truffle, this is not a sign of poor quality. Mushrooms are a natural product, and sometimes the delicate skin is slightly damaged during harvesting. Spores from the soil may settle on it. However, this does not affect the taste and quality of the luxury product. These spores can be brushed off quite easily with a soft brush, as long as the mushrooms have a firm consistency.

Bad mushrooms become quite soft and slimy. Then you should definitely discard the truffles.

Storing them in the egg compartment is an option for connoisseurs, because the truffle aroma is transferred to the eggs, and you can use them to further refine your dishes.

Ingredients and nutritional values

Ingredients: Truffle (variety depending on order).
No known allergic potential.
For truffles, nutritional values are generally not indicated.


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